Shortcuts for extraordinary wealth by availing 90% discounts on top stocks

some Optionizing Is The Name Of The Greatest Money Game Of All Time

When you buy a stock, you are paying full price in return for the 'license' to own it forever.

When you purchase that same stock with a time limit you set in advance,
and can cut short any time you want along the way

..... ..... you get the stock at an average of perhaps 80 to 95% percent discount ... while enjoying up to 100x the ROI for that stock.

More astonishing is that there are dozens of ways to make money in this semi-hidden trillion-dollar public network!

Some vids to get you started. Remember, asking better questions is the best (and fastest-known) way to get better answers, right?

Of course, Great place to learn. Tom's great (not perfect!): We don't argue w/ the horse's mouth, right :-)

Some vids to start - 1) "Karen the Supertrader" visiting TastyTrade -

THIS young fellow from Sky View Trading is a particularly good teacher, especially for his age. Grateful-and-a-half to've found this and other vids. Question now is, WHICH of these two young men does this refer to... the vid above this line... or the vid below this line?

YOU get to decide! :-))

Some other helpful people can be found at     -

and Plenty more to come, plenty to find :-)

It's great when you find people happy to share their knowledge and experience -- whether it's right for YOU or not ... and there's a "click" of understanding.

Whichever teachers seem to help the most, PROCESS their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions...
Personal initiative, personal innovating and refining: Do it YOUR way.
First, we imitate the recipe of those who got it right before us, and then we add our two cents, our own experience, wisdom such as we've collected... and make the process our own.

It's vital that you develop your own styles and comfort zones. Dozens and even more dozens of ways to make money trading:

Learn about basic credit spreads and then put spreads: MOST of the dazzling varieties of trades spring forth from these two simple methods.

In sum, we buy what we like, up or down... while also selling the same.... further away from the money than the strike price you're buying.
Once comfortable w/ credit spreads, we can move to debit spreads. They're like two sides of one coin.. w/ many offshoots of each.


Tom Sosnoff is a good teacher, so is Tony "Bats", Andrew from Wykoff, Peter Schultz, and others that appeal to this personality or th
THe more we identify with someone, perhaps, the more we bond with a teacher (rapport, right?(, the faster our learning curve rises in that arena.

Good L.U.C.K. (Laboring Under Correct Knowledge) - more to come




Listen To WHO?

Everyone may have an opinion. 

The most profitable opinions come EXCLUSIVELY  from the people who who repeatedly do it  best of all.

"Get it from the horse's mouth...
or get it from the wrong end of the horse."